Solar Panel Installation,
Southend, Wexford Town

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Owner & Location

Anne from Southend, Wexford

House Built:


House Specs: 

3-bed semi-detached

South-east facing

Cost of Installation:


SEAI Grant awarded:


Net Cost:


Anne's Story

“All the talk and discussions about Climate Change over the last many years had influenced me to make some simple lifestyle changes, for example walking instead of driving when possible, reducing electricity usage in the house, buying locally where possible, organic food when possible, replacing all my bulbs with LED bulbs and so on.

But I needed to do something positive, to contribute directly to one of the many solutions to reducing the Carbon Footprint of our community, by giving something back. Electricity production was something I could take on. I live in a house, south east facing and with a good roof. Solar Panels seemed to be the answer.”

Steps taken

“I researched my options on the SEAI website. The Grant amounted to €1800. So I searched the website for a Solar Panel PV installer. I selected LVP Renewables at random. They called to survey the house, and spent time explaining how the panels worked and how they would be installed, including a timetable. I received a quote of €4,869.”

The panels were installed on the day agreed, and very quickly and efficiently.


“I had an old fashioned electric meter, black box with a wheel. As soon as the panels were connected the wheel began to move backwards – I was producing electricity and it was feeding into the Grid. For the next 12 months the Electricity I produced was greater than what I used. 

I produced 764 kWh over and above what I used from 28/09/2020 to 28/09/2020.”

I had achieved what I set out to do – I was contributing Green Energy to the National Grid.

“In late September 2021 the ESB installed a smart meter. I can still check what I’m using and what I’m producing. I will receive a payment from my supplier for the power I produce by way of credit on my bill in December.”


December 2022 Update: “In December 2022, I received €300 back from the electricity I had produced from February to December this year – which I am delighted with!”

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