Energy Master Plan

What is an Energy Master Plan?

As a sustainable energy community, one of our goals is to complete an Energy Master Plan (EMP). An EMP is a comprehensive report which outlines local energy data and identifies opportunities to reduce energy consumption in the local area.

As outlined by the SEAI, the Energy Master Plan will:

August 2023

Energy Master Plan Consultant Secured

We are delighted to announce that we have secured our EMP consultant: KRA Renewables!

We will collaborate with KRA Renewables for the creation of our Energy Master Plan which will provide an energy-focused roadmap for us to use in our transition to energy-efficient operations and green energy utilisation.

Work will now begin to gather data about Wexford Town’s energy usage, KRA will carry out audits for a number of community buildings / businesses in the locality and provide a Register of Opportunities.

February 2024

5 Energy Audits completed in Wexford Town

Our EMP consultant KRA Renewables have completed energy audits on 5 buildings in Wexford Town:

  • 2 Community centres
  • 1 supermarket
  • 1 Sports Club
  • 1 Pharmacy

KRA Renewables will now assess the results of these audits as they begin to prepare our Register of Opportunities.

We will continue to update this page with the progress made on our Energy Master Plan- stay tuned!