About the Wexford Town Sustainable Energy Community

Our Vision

Wexford town will be a sustainable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly place for everyone.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to reduce energy usage and reliance on fossil fuels, through a just transition to increased energy efficiency and sustainable energy sources. This will be achieved by raising awareness, empowering local communities and direct actions in Wexford Town.

Our Scope

Our geographical scope is limited to the Wexford Urban area (Wexford Town) as identified in the Wexford Town and Environs Development Plan 2013 to 2019, Zones 4 to 20.

Sustainable Energy Communities exist to help chart the energy usage of their local area & identify “opportunities” for energy efficiency improvements. We intend to conduct an Energy Master Plan (EMP) in 2023. The EMP is an evaluation of Wexford Town’s energy usage and a vehicle to progress the town on the road to carbon neutrality.

Our History

Wexford Town Sustainable Energy Community (WTSEC) was founded following the lead up to and the passing of the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development (Amendment) Act in the Summer of 2021. A small group of Wexford town people with a ‘Think Global, Act Local’ ideal came together. Following research, training and meetings we decided to form a local town based Sustainable Energy Community.
We registered with Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) under their national Sustainable Energy Community (SEC) programme in December 2021. We were approved in early 2022.
On approval we were assigned our SEAI sponsored Wexford County SEC Mentor through the South East Energy Agency (SEEA).
Over the past two years the main activity has been reaching out to Community groups, Residents and Business Associations in and around Wexford Town.

Our Partnerships

To date we have developed partnerships with Wexford Local Development (WLD), Local Enterprise Office (LEO) and Wexford Rotary. We have developed strong links with Wexford County Council – Climate Action Office, Active Travel, Community Development, Healthy Ireland.

We are presently working in partnership with Southend Family Resource Centre, Wexford Co Co, HSE, SETU and SEEA on a pilot project studying health related benefits of retrofitting homes.

We have facilitated access to Energy Audits with a number of Community Centres.
At the moment we are submitting our application for SEAI funding for a Wexford town Energy Master Plan (EMP).

We are also a registered member of County Wexford Public Partnership Network (PPN) under their Environment Pillar.

Committee Members

Patrick Rochford, Chairman (engineering background)
Anne O’Reilly, Secretary (local authority background)
Eric McClintock, Treasurer (business background)
Sinead McGlinchey (Web Development)
Ryan Kelly (Digital Media)
Leeanne Sheridan (Media & IT)  
Members of Wexford Town SEC