Home Energy Grants

Are you interested in a Home Energy Upgrade Grant? All the different options can be confusing. We try to simplify the process and make it clear which grants you are eligible for.

Before looking at specific grants or eligibility, it’s worth looking at SEAI’s Three Steps to a Warmer Home:


Which home energy upgrades would benefit your home the most? Getting a BER assessment will help you figure this out.


Insulate your home to save on energy bills and to keep as much warmth and comfort as possible. Learn more about home insulation here.

Add Renewables

Now you can add renewable energy systems to your home that supply heat, water & electricity like heat pumps and solar panels.

Once you know what needs upgrading, you can then look at your grant options.

There are three types of Home Energy grants from SEAI:

Individual Energy Upgrade Grants

These are one-off grants awarded to upgrade a specific part of your home. For example, if you wanted to start by insulating your attic in a semi-detached home, SEAI may award €1,300 towards the cost of this via an Individual Energy Upgrade Grant.

This grant is perfect for homeowners or landlords who want to make small, step-by-step improvements to their home but may not have the financial ability to do it all at once.

One Stop Shop Service

A fully-managed service to completely bring your home up to a B2 BER rating. This is the most efficient way to bring your home right up to where it needs to be. SEAI will help appoint a private operator to plan and complete all the work for you.

This grant is perfect for homeowners or landlords who want a quick and comprehensive home energy transformation without the hassle of managing the project.

Free/Fully Funded Energy Upgrades

If you’re an occupier & owner of a home built before 2006 and in receipt of certain welfare payments – you may be eligible for a free/fully-funded home energy grant from SEAI.

This grant is part of a government scheme to help people in receipt of certain welfare payments to upgrade their home for free. There is quite a long waitlist but if you are eligible, it’s worth getting your grant application in anyway – especially if your home was built before 1993.